Drool of Rock
Owings Mills, Maryland

There are many options for your child’s education, but Drool of Rock jams out on a different frequency.

Five children sitting in front of a wall with a painted caterpillar on it. Discover the exceptional childcare and education experience offered at our preschool education center in Owings Mills, Maryland. Enroll today!

Unlock your child's unlimited potential through music

Our early learning center is located in Owings Mills, Maryland on Ridgland Road. Come see what all the noise is about! Schedule a tour or give us a call if you'd like to know more.

Program Information for our Owings Mills, Maryland location

Drool of Rock offers a learning framework using music as the bridge to creative learning. Read more about our program in Owings Mills.

Drool of Rock in Owings Mills, MD, creates cherished memories within its walls, fostering lifelong relationships between children, staff, and parents. Established in 2020, our center is nestled in a quiet, tree-lined strip at the end of Dolfield Business Park. Our spacious, turf-filled courtyard offers a fantastic outdoor play area for daily recess.

Our loving and carefully selected staff provides a nurturing environment, supporting each child’s growth and confidence. Our unique curriculum for ages 6 weeks to 5 years focuses on various developmental aspects, including art, music, language, literature, motor skills, and cognitive and social-emotional development.

Our one-of-a-kind music program, in partnership with Lutherville Rock School, features a range of music classes and performances to help children develop their skills and confidence. Watch your child flourish as they experience the unforgettable adventure at Drool of Rock.

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